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Kuhle Beaded Necklace - Sunbeam

Kuhle Beaded Necklace - Sunbeam

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This model is our bestseller, it looks fabolous with every kind of outfits from everyday look to hobbitcore!

Intambo blends puritan simplicity with bohemian self-expression, crafted in a serene home studio in the Hungarian mountains. Each piece, made with hemp cord and ethically sourced treasures, reflects a deep respect for nature. Our jewelry transcends adornment, serving as talismans of empowerment infused with Reiki healing. Crystals and minerals, chosen for their vibrational properties, embody the elements' balance and beauty. Intambo offers collections and bespoke pieces, fostering a connection to the earth and oneself. Ethically crafted in a dog-friendly studio, Intambo jewelry is a journey of self-discovery and healing.

  • hemp cord
  • linen threads

The length is adjustable with the chain on the back.

Intambo is not responsible for any allergic reactions. Please purchase jewelry responsibly if you have a metal allergy.

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