Custom Wishes

Step into the sanctuary of my jewelry studio, where passion and purpose intertwine to create more than just adornments—they become extensions of your soul. With over seven years of experience in crafting jewelry, I’ve not only honed my skills but cultivated a deep understanding of the mystical properties of gemstones.

As both a jewelry artisan and a Reiki healer, I infuse each creation with intention and love, ensuring they carry not only aesthetic beauty but also healing energies. Picture yourself wearing a necklace that isn't just a piece of jewelry but a manifestation of your innermost essence, resonating with the depths of your being.

In the sacred space of creation, I regularly meditate to purify and elevate the energies of my studio, infusing it with a sense of purity and divinity. Immersed in the soothing melodies of healing mantras, I allow their vibrations to guide my hands as I weave together strands of precious gems. Every detail is meticulously attended to, every bead chosen with care, as we co-create a piece that mirrors your unique journey.

To truly make your piece one-of-a-kind, I offer the opportunity to pre-order a unique design. This ensures that your necklace is crafted exclusively for you, embodying your essence from the very beginning of its creation. When you reach out to me with your inquiry, know that you're not just commissioning a piece of jewelry—you’re embarking on a collaborative journey. Whether through email exchanges or a personal video chat, I’m here to listen, to understand your vision, and to bring it to life with unwavering dedication.

If you’d like to discuss your vision further on a video call, I offer a half-hour consultation. Please note that I’m in the CEST timezone, so let’s coordinate the timing beforehand to ensure it suits both of our schedules.

Before your jewelry finds its way to you, it undergoes a sacred ritual of energetic cleansing, ensuring it carries only the purest of energies. It’s more than just a necklace; it’s a conduit for love, healing, and authenticity.

So, let’s weave the threads of your dreams together. Drop me a line at or HERE , and let’s create something truly magical—a necklace that not only reflects your outer beauty but also illuminates the radiance of your soul.