About me

Hello, I'm Barbara. I was born in 1989 in Hungary, and I now find peace and joy living in a cozy cob house nestled in the Hungarian countryside. Here, I share my life with my beloved partner and our two adorable pugs, who bring endless laughter and love into our home.

My journey into the world of creativity wasn't carved out by formal education. While I didn’t study any creative subjects in school, I did take some ceramic classes when I was young. These early experiences sparked a lifelong love for making things with my hands. Whether it was crafting, painting, or any other form of artistic expression, creativity has always been a guiding light in my life.

My path to healing began with Intambo, a journey that opened up new dimensions of self-discovery and growth. Through this journey, I earned two Reiki degrees, empowering me to channel healing energy for myself and others. Additionally, I have trained to teach meditation, a practice that brings calm and clarity to my days. Looking ahead, I am excited to expand my skills by learning about sound bowl therapy and exploring face yoga and reflexology. Each of these practices deepens my connection to holistic well-being.

Another passion of mine is the enchanting world of fungi. I find immense joy in foraging mushrooms, observing their unique shapes, colors, and habitats. This fascination has led me to embark on a year-long course, aiming to achieve professional expertise in mycology. Mushrooms, with their mysterious and magical presence, have taught me so much about the interconnectedness of nature.

My connection to the natural world is profound and deeply rooted. In my free time, I love to ferment foods, an age-old practice that brings rich flavors and health benefits. Gardening is another favorite pastime; tending to my plants and watching them grow fills me with a sense of fulfillment and harmony. I also enjoy bicycling and hiking, activities that allow me to immerse myself in the beauty and tranquility of the countryside.

Nature is my sanctuary, a source of inspiration and healing. It guides my heart and shapes my spirit, influencing every aspect of my life. Living close to the earth, surrounded by its wonders, I am reminded daily of the beauty and simplicity of a life in tune with nature.

Thank you for visiting my page. I hope to share my journey, passions, and the wisdom I've gained along the way with you. May we all find our own paths to creativity, healing, and a deeper connection with the world around us.