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Afterlife - Necklace with Phantom Quartz, Fox bone and Copper Rings

Afterlife - Necklace with Phantom Quartz, Fox bone and Copper Rings

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We have reached the final chapter of my sandy Afterlife series. The journey has been long, but now, the sun gods have descended upon the Earth. Their arrival was marked by a golden glow, casting a soothing light over all creation.

The sun gods brought blessings of compassion and mutual dependence, teaching humanity empathy and cooperation. This understanding spread quickly, transforming societies. Conflict faded as communities united, recognizing the interconnectedness of all life. Acts of kindness grew, and bonds between people strengthened.

Peace and love settled upon the world. Nature thrived as humanity learned to live in harmony with the Earth. The sun gods' wisdom fostered a deep appreciation for life's balance, guiding every action. This created a culture of sustainability and compassion.

Thus, the final chapter of the Afterlife series closed with hope, showing a world transformed by unity and wisdom.


  • Phantom quartz point
  • fox bone (ethically collected and cleaned by me)
  • copper rings
  • upcycled garments
  • hemp and linen threads

Intambo is not responsible any skin reaction. Please consider the purchase if you have skin allergies.

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