Embracing the Mystique: Introducing the Nightfall Nexus Collection

Hello beautiful souls,

I am thrilled to share something incredibly special with you all today. After months of collaboration, creativity, and deep inspiration, I am excited to unveil our new collection, Nightfall Nexus. This collection holds a unique power, and I can't wait for you to experience it.
The Power of Black
The Nightfall Nexus collection is all about powerful black necklaces that exude a sense of mystery and strength. These pieces are statements, imbued with the energy of the night and the essence of the archetypal dark priestess. Each necklace is designed to remind you of your inner power and the beauty of embracing the shadows within.
Collaboration with Manoconcept
I am especially honored to have collaborated with my dear friend, ManoConcept, on this collection. Her genius and creativity know no bounds. For three standout pieces in this collection, she has truly outdone herself.
Here's her short introduction: 
Manó creates unique objects and jewelry by transforming recycled wine bottles and an innovative biomaterial derived from kombucha SCOBY. Rooted in the principles of sustainability, upcycling, and circular economy, Manó's designs embody a commitment to environmentally conscious craftsmanship and innovation. Her jewelry line, also incorporating brass, brings a timeless spirituality, blending modern design with a touch of the eternal.  
  • Leaf Skeleton Pendants: ManoConcept used the delicate skeleton of leaves to craft these stunning pendants.
  • Kombucha Leather: Yes, you read that right. ManoConcept grew kombucha leather, a sustainable and innovative material, adding a unique texture and depth to the necklaces.
  • Brass Coats: The brass coats she created bring a rich, golden contrast to the deep black tones of the collection, making each piece a perfect blend of light and dark and just perfect for my designs.

ManoConcept is a true artist, and working with her (and having her as a friend) has been a transformative experience. Her ability to merge nature with art, tradition with innovation, is simply awe-inspiring. She brings a touch of magic to everything she creates, and I am so grateful for her contribution to the Nightfall Nexus collection.
Mark Your Calendars
I am delighted to announce that the Nightfall Nexus collection will be available starting Monday at 20:15 CEST. Each piece carries a story, a piece of our journey, and we can't wait for you to make them a part of yours.
Thank you for your continued support and love. This collection is for the bold, the mysterious, the ones who walk confidently in the night. I hope the Nightfall Nexus speaks to you and brings a touch of its dark, beautiful magic into your life.
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