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After humanity’s complete collapse, in a not too farther future… where most of the lands are drylands, full of sand without any life…

there’s some people who survived this catastrophe, who’s have the knowledge and their secret supplies to create a whole new world

a world what we craved

so much before

a world full of love and  growth

we don’t want to fuck it up again

so we let these people work and do what they have to do

we gathered in tribes in a place, behind the last existing pine forests – some people just call it God’s palm or God’s meadow, the last liveable paradise on Earth with fruit trees, wild herbs and nurturing soil to grow our food

the middle of nowhere became the middle of the Everything

where’s a tiny hope to start a brand new and different life

not using Mother Earth but working with her wisely

[well it’s not gonna be easy but worth it, we want it]

we learn what to, where to, how to

using and sharing what we have

embracing the new cycle of Life, without CEO, without Junior Managers, online meetings, crypto money and Metaverse

the new life is about creating art, clothing, music in this community

making huge bonfires

building houses made of cob, mud and branches

weaving our ropes and yarns as we weave our dreams

planting holds of hemp around us what will save our life and the planet too

would you like to join? Can you imagine your life like this? Can you believe this place really exists somewhere?

Intambo necklaces are inspired by the Earth’s pure vibrations. All of the jewelleries have it’s own story deep inside what the owner will continue with new experiences.
They’re attention-grabbing and fits for every occasion, from a simple daily outfit to a fancy wedding party. Always a good choice to wear one.

Intambo means ‘cord’ in an indigenous language, this name reflects our main component, the hemp cord which is famous for it’s durability and versatility. Hemp cord is also chemical free and clean material. 100% of our cords made by in Middle Europe/Hungary in an old manufacture.
We try to fight against this exploitative system by making slow made products using natural materials like hemp, linen or recycled fabrics.
We’re always selecting the crystals, gemstones and brass supplies what we used mostly personally and carefully if it’s possible, one by one, and while considering their size and colors we combine them in specific way that feels right.
All of the Intambos are handmade and designed by the founder, Barbara in her smoke free but pet friendly studio in the hungarian mountains with her passion and deep love. Every piece’s idea is our intellectual property. Please do not copy them.

Wake up and change the world with your acts, no matter how tiny are those! Every little step matters. Our jewelleries made of hemp, linen and recycled materials beside the various gemstones and metal supplies.

Our mission is to make this world a better place. This is why we choose to donate monthly for the Orangutan Project and the Treedom Trees.


  • hemp cord
  • linen threads
  • recycled cotton fabrics
  • fox vertebrae found and cleaned by me
  • Smokey crystal from Czech Republic
  • rudraksha beads
  • metal supplies


Colours can be slightly different in real life.

Can be adjust with the chain on the back

Metal parts doesn't contain nickel but please be careful if you are highly allergic.

We are not responsible for any skin reaction.

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