We’re grateful to welcome you on our website!  We are Barbara and Adrian, let us introduce ourselves and Intambo a bit. 

People had worn jewelleries from the ancient times, it was a status symbol, nowadays  it’s rather a kind of self expression, a fashion statement or you can say a reflection of who you are.

Our mission is to spread the world with this beautiful, extremely healthy, and versatile plant and show a new way to use it, as jewelleries. 

Which plant is it exactly? 

The answer is HEMP.

Intambo is a brand what combines passion, creativity, and versatility to create timeless and bold designs that make statements. Taking care of the tiniest details and symmetry to produce our unique accessories. The main inspiration is the life itself, the flora and fauna, sounds and voices, the wind, emotions, people, movies and series, music…

The keystone of our brand is to lay ourselves out to create harmony – not just with the environment, but also with those who live in it. 

We would like to draw attention to the endless possibility of using hemp cord – a merging part of the Hungarian industrial history with the characteristics of cultures and subcultures in other parts of the world, and show the view that it is possible to shape and develop our consumption culture without harming anybody in it. 

For a number of reasons, our choice for this material was: it’s durability, it’s rustic appearance and it’s softness, natural touch, lightness and shapeability, contribute to making the Intambos stand out from other jewellery made in the same way.

Our collections always have a main theme, a story behind them. Using unique names for each product to express their individuality. Intambo jewelleries are as extraordinary and powerful as the women who’re wearing them. We use the finest quality materials such the Hungarian hemp cord, gemstones, crystals, beads and fabrics. We try to push our limits and use more and more quality jewelry supplies and to be more sustainable and eco friendly.

We’re selecting our crystals and gemstones that we use mostly personally and carefully – if it’s possible, one by one, and while considering their size and colors we combine them in a specific way that feels right. Due to this pandemic period, all of the gemstones fairs and expos are banned around us. We have a gemstone stock at home but sometimes we order from India, from small local gemstone producer companies.

A need that we have to own many objects should have a place in the world after the respect and love of nature and Mother Earth. 

So, what are we dealing with again, in a nutshell: 

Made from hemp

Our creations are made from hemp, linen and recycled fabrics beside the brass and bronze supplies and gemstones/crystals.  Hemp is good for the environment, as much as for you and for your health. Also it’s a nice, natural  and comfy feeling for your skin. 

Produced locally

Intambos are locally made in Budapest Hungary, in our home. The hemp that we use is also from Hungary, as well as the recycled fabrics. We try to buy every other ingredient as close as it’s possible, mainly from the EU.

Our whole package is made in Hungary and the EU. 

If we use paper boxes, they came from a hungarian shop with the duck tape and the recycled paper cover. We use old papers to fill the box, to reduce the extra waste.

If we are sending our products in an envelope, the envelope is came from Germany, it’s a grass fiber knockdown envelope. The linen jewelry pouches are from Hungary or from Lithuania, both are slow and handmade by a small business. 

We buy the postcards, the business cards and the stickers from a hungarian self-employed woman, both are printed to sustainable papers.

Why is hemp good for our environment?

Hemp Breathes in Co2

Hemp Regenerates the Soil

Hemp Supports Sustainable Farming

Hemp Needs Little Water

Hemp can help in the fight against deforestation

Hemp can feed our belly, our soul and our body

and many,almost infinite other opportunities

All of the Intambos are handmade and designed by the founder, Barbara in her smoke free but pet friendly studio in Budapest with pure vibrations of the Earth’s incredible cultures and vibrations, and every piece’s idea is our intellectual property.

We offer worldwide shipping for all around the world.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on our Instagram or via email!